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Church and State (Dept.): John Kerry Gets Religion Subscriber access only
New adviser will (hopefully) make faith less foreign in foreign affairs.
Bestseller Best Practices Subscriber access only
The NavPress–Tyndale alliance could signal a new publishing normal.
Will the Supreme Court Review Hobby Lobby's Case Against Obamacare? Subscriber access only
If not, many others are ready to ask the high court whether for-profit companies have religious freedom.
Sarah Young Still Hears Jesus Calling Subscriber access only
Not since “My Utmost for His Highest” has a daily devotional enraptured the English-speaking world, from cynical intellectuals to sweet grandmas, across the theological spectrum. How Young might change how we think about prayer.
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Lionizing Lewis Subscriber access only
Patron saint of American evangelicals finally gets his due in his homeland.
Why America's Christian Colleges Are Pursuing Chinese Students Subscriber access only
Schools see both revenue and mission opportunities.
House and Senate Farm Bills Set to Reform International Food Aid Subscriber access only
The U.S. government got food aid to 45 million last year. Can it do better?
Ministry Leaders and Experts Respond to the DOMA and Prop. 8 Rulings Subscriber access only
What the decisions really say, plus responses from Jim Daly, Andrew Marin, and others.
After Exodus: Evangelicals React as Ex-Gay Ministry Starts Over Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) A roundup of responses to Alan Chambers’s apology and Exodus International’s shutdown and reboot after nearly four decades of ministry.
Supreme Court: Anti-AIDS Program Can't Require Groups to Oppose Prostitution Subscriber access only
Some religious groups see ruling as a protection against future "loyalty oaths" on other issues.
Why Christian Groups Oppose America's Anti-Prostitution Stance Subscriber access only
As the Supreme Court prepares to weigh in, faith-based organizations say 'no' to loyalty oaths.
Who Volunteers the Most? Subscriber access only
Graduates of Protestant high schools, apparently.
Is 'Incoherent' Christianity Better Than None at All? Subscriber access only
English leaders say religious education is a necessary part of primary education.
Flip That Church Subscriber access only
Why construct a new building when you can upcycle an old one?
Move Over, Abortion? Religious Freedom Is the New Battleground for 'Personhood' Subscriber access only
The government protects citizens' religious rights, but what about a corporation's?
Obama Administration Tweaks Rules on Contraception Coverage Subscriber access only
HHS drops controversial definition of religious employer, but rules for nonprofits and for-profit companies are mostly as previously announced.
Planting New Life in Detroit's Vacated Landscape
How Christians are spearheading the urban farming movement in Motor City.
Administrators' Resignations Fuel Fears at Cedarville University Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Concerned alumni, students, and faculty suspect a purge; school says stop connecting the dots.
Persecuted Christians Have New Allies: World Watch Monitor and Morning Star News Subscriber access only
Compass Direct News is no more, but two new groups hope to continue its impact.
Courts Issue Contradictory Rulings as Contraceptive Mandate Fines Begin Subscriber access only
Ruling Roundup: For-profits seeking injunctions against HHS have 10-3 winning record.