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Glenn and Annette Pearson Want Christianity Today to Outlive Them
“There’s a truthfulness and integrity—yet compassion—in what CT does for the global church.”
Christians Are Asking ChatGPT About God. Is This Different From Googling?
Experts from around the world explain the consequences of the AI revolution for believers on and off the internet.
After 18 Years on Christianity Today’s Board, Darryl King Says He’s a ‘Lifelong Friend’ of the Ministry
The hall-of-fame hurdler turned business leader turned pastor on what his years of service meant to him.
Why Chinese Immigrant Pastors Avoid Preaching on the News
On Sunday mornings, congregations tend to focus on Scripture over current events, even after last month’s Lunar New Year shooting.
Read the Winners of Christianity Today’s Second International Essay Contest
Wisdom, perspective, and theological understanding from Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, and Indonesian writers.
Died: Francis Sunderaraj, Indian Evangelical Leader Who Encouraged Education
Under his leadership, a popular Sunday school curriculum was translated into 32 languages and dialects.
'Christianity Today Models How to Live Out One's Faith in the World'
Entrepreneur and investor Tim Jenkins reads widely. Here's what impresses him about CT.
How the Persecuted Church Wants You to Pray
Leaders in six countries explain how Christians can best support and rejoice with fellow believers suffering for their faith.
With a Small Shift in Evangelical Votes, Brazil Elects Lula
Left-wing challenger directly addressed Christian concerns in final days of runoff.
Africa’s Worst Famine in Decades Threatens Family Unity and Human Dignity
The plight of herding communities facing hunger echoes Old Testament examples.
Should Christians Own Guns for Self-Defense? A Global Snapshot
Leaders in nine nations explain how they think theologically and biblically about personal safety as mass shootings plague the world.
The Kenyan Presidential Election Is Over. The Conversation About Christians and Politics Has Just Begun.
William Ruto credited God and church leaders for his victory. Should this be the model?
Counting the Cost of Paying Ransoms for Missionaries
A Haiti kidnapping raises questions about no-payment practices.
Australia Had a Pentecostal Prime Minister. Did It Matter?
As Scott Morrison steps down, evangelicals assess the way he brought religion into politics.
Eurovision Win Offers Momentary Joy for Ukrainians
“In the midst of a horrific, diabolical invasion,” Christians celebrate their country's recent victory in the global song competition.
How CT Encourages an AI Technologist to Stand Firm in Tough Times
Joanna Ng finds inspiration through the actions and writing of Timothy Dalrymple and Russell Moore.
Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’ Prevails Over Christian Rapper’s Lawsuit
UPDATE: The pop star and her team no longer have to pay $2.8 million in damages in the copyright case.
She Calls Christianity Today a Lighthouse and a Life Preserver
Why Ronna Bauman has found significant solace and encouragement from the ministry in recent years.
Tongan Christians Felt the Force of the Volcano. And the World’s Prayers.
The kingdom and its diaspora credit their Christian faith for the low number of casualties.
Announcing the Winners of Christianity Today’s First International Essay Contest
Wisdom, perspective, and theological understanding from Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Indonesian writers.