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Finally: Killers of Malatya Martyrs Sentenced to Life in Turkish Prison Subscriber access only
But Turkish Christians are still 'infuriated.' Here's why.
Turkey Releases US Street Evangelist Facing Deportation Subscriber access only
Missionary David Byle works with successful Bible correspondence course in Muslim-majority nation.
China Frees Lawyer Who Defended 100 Church Crosses Subscriber access only
Zhang Kai gave what advocates deem a forced confession on state TV last month.
Court: Turkey Failed Malatya Martyrs and Must Pay Back Their Families Subscriber access only
But it's not quite the good news Turkish Christians have been waiting for since 2007.
Meriam Ibrahim Finally Leaves Sudan, Arrives in the U.S. Subscriber access only
UPDATED: Christian mother once sentenced to death for her faith has gained asylum in the United States with her family.
Egypt's Most Infamous Christian Convert Faces 5 Years in Prison for 'False' TV Broadcast Subscriber access only
Hegazy, the first Muslim-background believer to sue Egypt to recognize his conversion, charged with disturbing the peace.
Confirmed: American's Pregnant Wife Faces Sudan Death Penalty for Not Renouncing Christian Faith Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Convicted of adultery and apostasy, Sudanese doctor will give birth to her second child this month.
Violence as Nigeria Merges Muslim Students into Missionary Schools Subscriber access only
State's education reforms create religious tension.
Israel Orders Deportation of Jews for Jesus Missionary Subscriber access only
Messianic group worries legal precedent could be used to expel more missionaries.
Central African Christians Suffer Under Islamist Coup Subscriber access only
For first time, religion plays central role in war-prone Central African Republic.
Bolivia Imposes Animist Worldview on Christian Churches Subscriber access only
Why pastors don't want to promote 'horizon of good living' per government orders.
Eritrea Punishes High School Students for 'Commitment to Christ' Subscriber access only
Nearly 40 Protestants arrested after completing military training.
Indian Converts Must Get Government Permission (One Month in Advance) or Face Prison Subscriber access only
(UPDATE) A new, no-confidence vote in Madhya Pradesh's Hindu government has delayed ratification of the state's anti-conversion bill.
Hindu Nationalists Attack Peaceful Prayer Meeting Under 'Forceful Conversion' Pretense Subscriber access only
Assault on pastors’ meeting in India shows depth of extremist hostility.
Deported Christians Fight To Be Reunited with Morocco Orphans Subscriber access only
Court rules against Village of Hope, reversing orphanage's legal status.
Blasphemy Charges Becoming New Weapon Against Egyptian Christians Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Female social studies teacher receives blasphemy conviction–but no prison sentence.
Christian Converts in Morocco Fear Fatwa Calling for Their Execution Subscriber access only
House church leaders worried whether fatwa will change laws.