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Rimsha Masih Receives Pakistan's First Exoneration from Blasphemy Charges
(UPDATED) Teenage Christian girl and her family now have settled in Canada with help from brother of assassinated minister Shahbaz Bhatti.
Syrian Christians: Caught Up in Chaos of Faith and Politics
Update: Church leaders and government officials are calling for the release of two kidnapped Orthodox bishops in Syria.
Sudanese Churches Respond to Humanitarian Crisis in Border Region
The Abyei region, claimed by both Sudan and South Sudan, is filled with “a pervading sense of despondency."
Blasphemy Reform Debate in Pakistan Quashed By 'Innocence Of Muslims' Video
Anti-Islam film that sparked regional violence caused "setback" in post-Rimsha Masih discussions.
Sri Lanka: Christians Mediate for Peace
Sri Lanka churches try to reconcile Sinhalese Buddhists and Hindu Tamils