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He Who Has Earbuds, Let Him Hear: Audio Bibles on the Rise
New listening options allow Christians to maximize their time in the Word.
Hackers Try to Take AI to Church
Colorado “hackathon” inspires search for algorithms to help Christian congregations.
Colorado Springs’s New Christian Mayor Wants to ‘Disrupt’ Politics with Unity
Nigerian American Christian Yemi Mobolade went from pastor and community organizer to city leadership.
What Happens When Christians and Muslims Translate Scripture Side by Side
Evangelicals in Chad are celebrating unexpected partnerships—and new converts—from recent projects in minority languages.
Online Church Attendance Retains Some of Its Pandemic Boost
While most regulars are back in-person, pastors are rethinking how to minister to the higher numbers of digital worshipers.
British Illustrator Is Drawing All 300 Churches in Her Diocese
The “arty pilgrimage” through Leicestershire has given her a chance to share and deepen her faith.
Evangelical Covenant Church’s First Female President Likes a Challenge
Tammy Swanson-Draheim speaks to CT about the mission ahead for the diverse denomination.
After 2,000 UK Church Buildings Close, New Church Plants Get Creative
In England, some rally to restore aging and emptying Anglican sites, while diverse congregations look beyond traditional sanctuaries.
How Bread Became Engrained in Ukrainian Christian Life
In the breadbasket of Europe, ministries bring loaves for hungry bodies and spiritual nourishment for the soul.
In Ukraine, Mission Work Goes on During Russia Standoff
While some foreign missionaries have left for neighboring countries, many are standing alongside national church leaders to minister amid uncertainty.
Trucker Ministry Continues Amid Holiday Hustle and Bustle
While headlines warn of a driver shortage and supply chain crisis, chaplains say the demands of the industry have always been arduous.