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Tullian Tchividjian Is Back. So Is Scrutiny About His Past Infidelity.
How #MeToo is raising new questions about the sex scandal, even as Billy Graham’s grandson prepares to formally launch his new church.
Methodists Cancel Plans for First Big Meeting Outside US
The UMC has decided to relocate its 2024 General Conference from Manila, Philippines.
Will G. K. Chesterton Join Pope John Paul II as Newest Saints? Subscriber access only
Christians and Jews split over effort to canonize writer.
Transgender Theology Professor Leaves Christian College Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Former theology chair and one of CCCU's largest schools agree to part ways.
Moody Bible Institute Drops Alcohol and Tobacco Ban for Employees Subscriber access only
School follows Wheaton, Huntington, and Asbury in emphasizing 'values not rules.'
Amid Measles Outbreak, Megachurch Scrutinized for Vaccine Teachings Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Infections hit second-highest total since disease eradicated from U.S. in 2000.
Failed C. S. Lewis College Site Could Go to Non-Christians Subscriber access only
Christian foundation expands eligibility for free D. L. Moody campus.
Government Offers 'Concrete Direction' on Church Violence Subscriber access only
Guidelines recommend “run, hide, or fight” doctrine for churches confronted with a homicidal gunman.
A New Reason To Block Bans on Shari'ah Law: International Adoption Subscriber access only
Governor's veto keeps Missouri from becoming seventh state to ban foreign laws from state courts.
Cancer Resurrects Career of Former Christian Music Star Subscriber access only
After 10 platinum records and 12-year hiatus, fan response to cancer diagnosis prompts plans for new album and major tour.
Bad World War II Experiences Led Veterans to Church, Says Study Subscriber access only
Researchers examine how combat intensity affects religious behavior.
8 in 10 U.S. Muslims Reject Suicide Bombing as 'Never Justified' Subscriber access only
New Pew report shows U.S. Muslims are more moderate than Muslims worldwide.
Catholics Take Up Protestant-Style Evangelism Subscriber access only
The church has long emphasized social justice over door-to-door evangelism–but not anymore.
Chances Improving for Ex-Episcopalians in Property Fights Subscriber access only
Court cases in Texas and South Carolina could reshape other disputes—and denominations.
Newtown 'Debacle' Revives Identity Debate as LCMS Elections Loom Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) LCMS president reelected despite prayer vigil controversy after Sandy Hook massacre.
Christians Find Few Shades of Grey in Book's Popularity Subscriber access only
Bestselling "mommy porn" trilogy prompts fresh questions on cultural engagement.
After Winning Free Campus, Grand Canyon University Says 'No Thanks' Subscriber access only
GCU decides Hobby Lobby gift is too expensive.
After Bishop Is Accused of Abandoning the Episcopal Church, Diocese Really Does Subscriber access only
South Carolina has been fighting with the national body for years.
Christian-Jewish Roundtable Splitting on U.S Aid to Israel Subscriber access only
Mainline Protestant leaders' letter to Congress prompts Jewish leaders' boycott.
Adventists Call Actions to Allow Women's Ordinations 'Mistakes' Subscriber access only
Annual Council votes 264-25 to criticize regional bodies' actions, but not to punish them.