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How Neuroscience—and the Bible—Explain Shame
Psychiatrist Curt Thompson examines the complicated emotion.
How We Die Ten Years After Terri Schiavo
Debates on end-of-life decisions have changed dramatically in the past decade.
Full Bellies, Thankful Hearts
God designed your stomach and your heart to be intimately connected.
Meet the New Kingdom Investors
A new model of Christian stewardship is scalable, global, and can compete with China. It will just cost you $100,000 to join the cause.
More Christian Colleges Finding Ways to Help Students Repay Loans
Student interest rates will double unless the House acts this week.
What Neuroscience Tells Us about Lenten Disciplines
Don't fast for a cause, but to shape your soul.
Persecution in VBS Materials: How Much Information is Too Much for Children?
A new kids' curriculum adds a different focus.
Dave Ramsey Goes Beyond Credit Card Shredding
More congregations than ever are hosting Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Now he's looking at their budgets, too.
Dying Decisions: Should Relatives Intervene?
Christian thinkers weigh in on whether family or friends should intervene if a terminally ill Christian decides against life-extending treatment.
Christian Microfinance Stays on a Mission
While scandals rock the microfinance industry, Christian nonprofits diversify their efforts to help the poor.
Hunger Strikes
Spike in food prices shifts attention to market access.
Fraudbuster Busted?
LA Weekly reports that Barry Minkow is still having trouble with truth telling.
Pension Tension
Lawsuit questions 'church related' retirement plans.
Saved by an Atheist
Christians gave Albert Camus good reasons not to believe. He gave me a reason to return to faith.
A Culture of Resurrection
How the church can help its people die well.
Taking Stock
Funds expand faith-based investing.
The 'Strength' of Not Showing Grief
Would we be applauding Joannie Rochette had she decided not to skate?
Hard Choices For Higher Ed
In a bleak economy, Christian colleges reinvent themselves.
The Health Care Debate, Early Church Style
Early Christians focused on of the sacredness of individuals, not demons, says historian Gary Ferngren.
How Money Makes Us Happy
MasterCard is right. All those priceless moments cost money