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$70,000 Minimum Wage Brings Bible Parable to Life (Unfortunately) Subscriber access only
Seattle CEO loses employees, faces lawsuit, in modern-day twist of Matthew 20's workers in the vineyard.
Onward 'Christian Soldiers': First American Volunteer Dies Fighting ISIS Subscriber access only
Some of the foreign fighters flocking to Iraq and Syria are taking the side of persecuted Christians.
Overworked, Underpaid, and Cautious about Science Subscriber access only
A look at how evangelicals fared in the General Social Survey.
Feeding the Homeless Is a Religious Liberty Issue Too Subscriber access only
Good Samaritans fight attempts to ban food-sharing programs.
Muslim Migrants Throw Christians Overboard into Mediterranean Subscriber access only
Religion involved for first time in common yet deadly sea crossings from Africa to Italy.
One-Third of Audience for Christian Books, Radio, TV, and Movies Is Unchurched Subscriber access only
LifeWay/NRB study examines whether Christian media is used for discipleship or evangelism.
Frank Wolf Calls for Safe Haven for Mideast Christians Subscriber access only
Former congressman offers six-point plan. But killing continues as ISIS-linked terrorists behead 21 Christians in Libya.
Breakaway Anglicans Can Keep Churches Worth $500 Million, Rules South Carolina Judge Subscriber access only
Diocese of South Carolina not required to give properties and name back to national Episcopal Church.
Korea's Christmas 'Psychological Warfare' Canceled After All Subscriber access only
South Korean Christians reverse plan to light the North Korean border with holiday cheer.
Does the Gospel Mandate Racial Reconciliation? White Pastors Agree More Than Black Pastors Subscriber access only
Recent research informs today's A Time To Speak conference, where Bryan Loritts, John Piper, Matt Chandler, and others will discuss race.
Kony 2012's Invisible Children Makes Major Cuts for One Final Year Fighting the LRA Subscriber access only
'Heavy-hearted' but 'incredibly proud,' advocacy group plans to shutter most operations by end of 2015.
Ebola Medical Missionaries Named Time's Person of the Year Subscriber access only
Samaritan's Purse and SIM staff among physicians honored for 'risking, persisting, sacrificing, and saving.'
For Giving Tuesday: Where Evangelicals Donate (And No Longer Donate) Their Dollars Subscriber access only
Christians are giving away more money than before the recession. But the parachurch, not churches, is getting most of it.
Time To Rend Marriage? 1 in 4 Pastors Agree with First Things Petition Subscriber access only
Magazine argues for splitting civil and Christian marriage. LifeWay examines which Americans agree.
Kenya Bans New Churches Amid 'Miracle-Faking Spree' Subscriber access only
After TV exposé, attorney general seeks ways to rein in fake pastors.
Increasingly, Religious 'Nones' Support Pastors Preaching Politics on Pulpit Freedom Sunday Subscriber access only
On eve of seventh Sunday protest, here's what surveys suggest Americans think.
Gordon College Studies Same-Sex Behavior Ban Amid Accreditation Questions Subscriber access only
School says "period of discernment" focused on pastoral response, not changing conduct policy.
LifeWay Stops Selling Mark Driscoll's Books at 180 Christian Stores Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Southern Baptist chain decides to 'assess the situation regarding his ministry.'
Acts 29 Removes Mars Hill, Asks Mark Driscoll To Step Down and Seek Help Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) Mars Hill cancels Resurgence conference. Paul Tripp says Driscoll's accountability model will never work. Board insists 'making real progress' on problems.
Mark Driscoll Addresses Crude Comments Made Trolling as 'William Wallace II' Subscriber access only
Mars Hill pastor says 14-year-old posts were 'plain wrong' and he 'remain[s] embarrassed,' but 'I have changed.'