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Move Over, Daily Rhythms. Disruption Is the New Routine.
As I start motherhood amid a pandemic, I’m trying to find God’s grace in the upheaval.
Church Staff Salaries: Better Private or Public?
Balancing transparency and accountability with privacy is key—but no easy task.
How to Select the Right Accounting Software for Your Church
From off-the-shelf solutions to cloud-based systems, church leaders weigh in on how to make the best choices.
Why the Church Needs Single Parents, and Single Parents Need the Church
Families with one parent are part of God’s family. But how do we minister to their complex needs?
How to Create a Church Culture of Accountability in the #MeToo Era
Four strategies for responding to abuse victims and survivors.
Get Thee to a Swanky Tourist Trap
What missions-oriented evangelicals gain from seeing the richer side of a poorer country.
Why Domestic Violence in the Home Endangers Your Church
Step one: acknowledge that it happens.
Is Now the Time to Refinance?
Interest rates soon may climb—but that's not the only reason to review a church loan.
Tampons Are a Justice Issue
While reporting in sub-Saharan Africa, I discovered the 'period problem' and why solutions are tough to come by.
How Sewing Saved My Sanity
I took up quilting as a hobby. I had no idea it would become a tool for soul care.
Software: Choose Wisely
Churches are shortsighted if cost is the only consideration.
$70,000 Minimum Wage Brings Bible Parable to Life (Unfortunately)
Seattle CEO loses employees, faces lawsuit, in modern-day twist of Matthew 20's workers in the vineyard.
Onward 'Christian Soldiers': First American Volunteer Dies Fighting ISIS
Some of the foreign fighters flocking to Iraq and Syria are taking the side of persecuted Christians.
4 Ways to Overcome Biases against Missions Giving
How to encourage greater generosity in this important area of the church budget.
Under Discussion: Should Churches Dim the Lights for Worship?
Does low lighting set a better mood, or mimic entertainment too much? Experts weigh in.
Overworked, Underpaid, and Cautious about Science
A look at how evangelicals fared in the General Social Survey.
Out-of-the-Box Missions Funding
How goats, races, and missions months can encourage church giving.
Feeding the Homeless Is a Religious Liberty Issue Too
Good Samaritans fight attempts to ban food-sharing programs.
Muslim Migrants Throw Christians Overboard into Mediterranean
Religion involved for first time in common yet deadly sea crossings from Africa to Italy.