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Under Discussion: Should Churches Dim the Lights for Worship? Subscriber access only
Does low lighting set a better mood, or mimic entertainment too much? Experts weigh in.
Should Pastors Stop Signing Civil Marriage Certificates? Subscriber access only
First Things says yes. Survey finds 1 in 4 pastors agree.
Signs of Belief: How a Small Dispute over Church Marketing Became Supremely Important Subscriber access only
The curious Supreme Court case of a 30-person church in Gilbert, Arizona.
What Was the Best News of 2014? Subscriber access only
Observers weigh in on the year’s events that will most shape evangelical life, thought, or mission.
Segregated Surveys: How Politics Keeps Evangelicals White Subscriber access only
You can disbelieve in God, never go to church, and still identify as "evangelical" in most polls. But if you're black and evangelical, you literally don't count.
Why Nigerian Health Officials Turned to a Megachurch Pastor When Ebola Struck Subscriber access only
Outbreak highlights African views about God’s healing power.
Does My Local Church Have Authority to Declare That I Am Not a Christian? Subscriber access only
A new Lifeway survey found that 9 in 10 evangelicals say no. Here's how Christian leaders responded.
Should Satan Be Part of Evangelism and Early Discipleship? Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) The Devil is too distracting at baptisms, major denomination decides.
Obama's Contract Killer Subscriber access only
Why Christian organizations were concerned about Obama’s executive order—even though so few were directly affected.
New Executive Orders on LGBT Discrimination Don't Exempt Religious Orgs Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) But Obama won't withdraw memo on religious discrimination.
What Makes a Company Division 'Christian'? Subscriber access only
Secular companies have owned Christian subsidiaries for years. Now those family ties are being tested.
Supreme Court Narrowly Rules For Hobby Lobby Subscriber access only
(UPDATED) 5-4 decision on healthcare rules that the government cannot require faith-based organizations to provide contraception against their owners' religious beliefs.
Should Christians Stop Studying the Teachings of Fallen Pastors? Subscriber access only
Demand for sermons can stay strong even after the preacher's moral failure.
Taking Exception: The Strategy That's Dividing the Pro-life Movement Subscriber access only
States are passing more restrictions on abortion than ever before. Some say it’s because they’ve surrendered too much.
NRB Forces Out WaterBrook Multnomah Publishers Over Sister Imprint's 'Gay Christian' Book Subscriber access only
Member employees can't work on 'unbiblical material, regardless of the label.'
Should Christian Colleges Let Female Faculty Teach Men the Bible? Subscriber access only
A Christian college changes its mind.
Are Spontaneous Baptisms Healthy for the Church? Subscriber access only
Steven Furtick's Elevation Church holds spontaneous baptisms. Experts weigh in on the practice.
China's Deadly Lightning Subscriber access only
Cult violence prompts pastors to ramp up doctrine—and work with state officials.
Do Celebrity Debates Help Christian Persuasion? Subscriber access only
Ken Ham and Bill Nye will debate creationism. Experts discuss whether such debates are helpful.
South Korea's Travel Bans a Blessing in Disguise for Missions Subscriber access only
They could mature an eager but young movement. But how long should they stay in place?