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Looking for Independence from Western Funds, African Methodists Turn to Farming
Church agricultural initiative is supporting rice, corn, pigs, and other crops from Liberia to Mozambique.
Church Asks for Help Feeding People and Animals in Ethiopia
Christians share grazing pasture as climate crisis devastates the region.
Faith Leads Doctor Back to Zimbabwe
Amid ongoing turmoil in national health system, orthopedic surgeon practices “practical Christianity.”
Conservation Group Tries One More Thing to Preserve an African Woodland: Prayer
A Rocha Kenya cites WhatsApp intercession group as key to saving habitat for owls, shrews, and other endangered creatures.
Ghana Churches Push Law to Combat Promotion of Homosexuality
Parliament is set to debate a controversial bill that would increase sentences for same-sex relationships and ban advocacy rights groups.
Jesus Loves the Brown Pop-Eyed Atewa Slippery Frog
In Ghana, the church is at the center of a bold new conservation effort.