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The Blessing of Gratitude
Why Jesus commands us to be thankful.
Mike Gerson on the Current Incivility
The former presidential speechwriter examines what makes Wanda Sykes and Al Franken tick.
CatholicVote.org's New Video
Fox agrees to air new pro-life ad.
Jack Kemp's Spiritual Secret
Peggy Noonan provides a loving tribute to "an optimist not in the modern and prevalent sense of being too stupid to know things can go bad, but in a way that suggested an informed sunniness."
Debating the Day of Prayer (Update)
President skips ceremony but defends National Day of Prayer in court.
Britain's Least Wanted
Anti-gay pastor named on exclusion list as fomenter of hatred.
Slaughter of the Innocent Pigs
Egypt prepares to "cull'' 400,000 pigs--most of them owned by Christians.
Christian Book Expo Nixed for 2010
ECPA president and CEO Mark Kuyper: “We want to clean up the debt before we consider future options."
Thinking about Heaven on Earth Day
The findings of astrobiology put today's environmental concerns into perspective.
Miss California: Gay marriage answer cost me Miss USA crown
Support for Proposition 8 draws gay judge's ire.
Dinesh D'Souza vs. Peter Singer
Christian apologist and atheist professor take off the gloves at Princeton.
Questioning Everything?
Why you can't always tell a book by its cover--or title.
Obama, Islam, and Respect
Daniel Henninger says the Muslim world must be prepared to give it as well as receive it.
Gay Marriage Momentum
Iowa and Vermont move ahead on a divisive issue. Should Americans be concerned?
"What Is the Gospel?" and "The Emerging Church"
Podcasts of the first two CT-sponsored author panels on current issues are now available.
Religion Still Isn't Dead
What the new American Religious Identification Survey really shows.
Hitchens vs. Craig: Round Two
Christian philosopher, atheist pundit clash at Biola over the existence of God.
The Latest Odd Couple
Jerry Jenkins says publishing sometimes makes for strange bedfellows.
The Shift in Our Culture: A Mother's Perspective
How going overseas to another culture can give us new eyes for our own.
Reflections on the Christian Book Expo
Despite disappointing attendance, the event drew good coverage.