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Why Your Favorite Theologians Are All Talking about Theological Anthropology
Attention to bodies and cultural conflict has brought attention to the question of what it means to be human.
Friends in High Places
We love celebrity conversions, but this obsession may not be as gospel-centered as it seems.
First Woman Steps into Leadership of Evangelical Theological Society
Wheaton professor Karen Jobes becomes president a decade after a study found “hostile and unwelcoming” atmosphere.
New Atheism Is Dead. What’s the New New Atheism?
Far fewer British people agree with vitriolic assertions about religion. Still, disbelief in God is on the rise in both the UK and the US.
Jesus Christ Is Not a Superstar
Popular portrayals of the God-Man can draw admiring crowds, but they can’t create imitating disciples.
Should Christians Support Making Birth Free?
In the wake of Roe’s 50th anniversary, four believing experts discuss the merits and challenges of the Make Birth Free proposal.
Top 5 Heresies Among American Evangelicals
It’s 2022, but Arianism and Pelagianism are steadily making a comeback, according to the State of Theology report.
Is Student Loan Forgiveness Biblical?
Christians are divided over whether Biden’s promise to cancel student debt is ethical and just from a scriptural standpoint.
How to Be Human Like God
Holy Week reminds us to imitate Jesus Christ as the author and perfecter of our faith.
Taking Kids to Church Matters More Than the ‘Right’ School, Study Suggests
Even faith-based education has less impact than religious attendance.
Why the Mars Hill Podcast Kept You Waiting
“Rise and Fall” producer Mike Cosper takes listeners backstage to answer questions about production delays, his personal experience, and more.
CT Editors and Contributors Respond: What Are You Thankful for in 2021?
After a difficult year, CT family and friends take time to reflect on what they're grateful for.
Research Roundup: 6 Takeaways on the Goodness of Gratitude
More and more scholars are studying the practice of giving thanks. Here's what they have to say.
Afghan Muslims Are Asking Questions. These Christians Are Ready to Answer.
From sharing online messages about Jesus to serving in resettlement communities, church leaders approach this missional moment with prayer and patience.
The Afghan Immigration Crisis Is Bigger, Faster, More Traumatic. Are Ministries Ready?
Tens of thousands of Afghan evacuees are coming to the US without special status or government funding for resettlement, putting more responsibility on Christian donors and volunteers.
‘They Cannot Burn Jesus Out of Me’: Mozambique Pastors Minister to Survivors of Violent Insurgency
Despite the risks in the region, Christians are flocking to camps and targeted villages to provide resources and spiritual care.
After Challenging Season, World Relief Names New President
Myal Greene is optimistic about resuming robust refugee resettlement programs under the Biden administration.
‘How Could All the Prophets Be Wrong About Trump?’
After the 2020 election, a remnant of charismatic leaders are trying to revive their movement from within.
How Evangelicals Pushed Back on Biden’s Refugee Reversal
Advocates united to hold the president to his campaign promise, combat administration’s misinformation.
560 UK Churches Ready to Welcome Hong Kong Wave
British Christians seek to learn from past Windrush mistakes in their nation’s largest planned migration in 50 years.