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Beware of Making Jesus Your Password
These 75 popular Christian phrases and Bible verses are too predictable to be secure from hackers.
Emojis Reveal How Minorities Tweet the Bible Differently
Here are the Top 10 verses shared on Twitter with darker vs. lighter skin tones.
Sodom, Leviticus, and Obergefell: The Bible After Friday's Decision
Scriptures searched and tweeted in response to the Supreme Court's same-sex marriage order.
The Most Popular Bible Verses for Debating Gay Marriage
What Scripture stats reveal about evangelicals' shifting rhetoric.
Your Next Bible Will Be a Hologram
Microsoft may have just invented the future of intensive Bible study.
What People Gave Up For Lent 2012 (According to Twitter)
Chocolate and social media once more top the list. And folks seem to have given up giving up Bieber.
'Do Not Gloat' vs. 'Joy to the Righteous'
The verses most quoted on Twitter and Facebook after the news of the death of Osama bin Laden.
What People Gave Up for Lent, According to Twitter
Social network sites and chocolate topped the list again.
Cocoon Time
Theme of the Week: Wasted Time?
Bankrupt Nation
The prevalence of debt in an oasis of prosperity