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Billy Graham and Johnny Cash: An Unlikely Friendship
The evangelist originally sought out the singer for the sake of his son.
John McCandlish Phillips: Bright Light for Christ in the Big Apple
The New York Times stylist mixed his love of the Lord with his love of journalism.
Back to the Garden
Row by row, urban Christians learn to bear literal and spiritual fruit.
The Rush to Reconcile
Are peacemaking efforts in Sudan enough to prevent violence if the South votes for independence?
A Ministry Grows in Brooklyn
Messianic leaders explore new strategies for reaching the Jewish community in the U.S. and Israel.
Anne Graham Lotz: “Nothing God won’t forgive.”
Graham daughter speaks at Bowery Mission in New York City
Bush's Faith-Based Legacy
Key policies at home and overseas will help victims of poverty and disease for years to come.
Better Than a Bailout
Foreclosure disaster drives California churches to launch home rescue efforts.
Leap of Faith
Tony Blair, Middle East envoy, says religion and globalization go together — in a good way.
The Good News in Oil and Acrylic
A missions center becomes a patron of the arts.
McCain Talks the Walk
After years of ambiguity, Senator McCain reveals his spiritual side for public viewing. How will evangelicals respond?
In Crisis, Wall Street Turns to Prayer
Financial meltdown triggers prayer sessions citywide.
Salvation Army Ready to Deploy Tomorrow Morning
It’s not just the size of the storm that separates ministry’s response to Gustav from its response to Katrina.
American Bible Society Seeks Revelations
Organization distances itself from a consultant with porn ties—and the president who hired him.
Accidental Outreach
Christian leaders avoid targeting Kurds, but reach them anyway.
Jesus in Turkey
After 550 years of decline, a bloodied church is being reborn.
Wanted Man: All Saints Day Bonus Page
Theme of the Week: Satan: Scary but not Invincible
Does Darfur Have a Prayer?
Genocide in western Sudan proves nearly impossible to stop.
Margin of Victory
Races where evangelicals play a decisive role in the November election.
Margin of Victory
Races where evangelicals play a decisive role in the November election. Today: U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.