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Public Enemy: Iran's Persecution Backfires Subscriber access only
Regime's antagonism is increasing Christianity's appeal.
N.T. Wright Slams 'American Exceptionalism' in Osama bin Laden Mission Subscriber access only
New Testament scholar calls President Obama out, alleging cowboy vigilantism.
Tim Keller Remembers David Wilkerson Subscriber access only
Lady Gaga's Inclusion Problems Subscriber access only
Pop star uses racial slurs in "Born This Way" -- and then calls her critics "retarded." Huh.
Sweat Lodge Prayers Subscriber access only
Native Christians wrestle with faith and tradition.
Japan: Christian Group Putting Down Stakes in Earthquake Area Subscriber access only
CRASH asks for funding as they prepare to fan out across the affected parts of the country.
Fallen Christian College Head Pleads Guilty to Wire Fraud, Money Laundering Subscriber access only
Palm Beach Atlantic University focuses on the future as its former president goes to court.
Shahbaz Bhatti, Pakistan's Most Prominent Christian, Assassinated (Updated) Subscriber access only
Minister for Minorities Affairs had predicted his death in a recent interview.
Somali Pirates Capture Boat on 'Bible Mission' Subscriber access only
The Adams have spent nine years distributing Scripture all over the world.
Obama Gives Highest Award to Christian Worker Murdered in Afghanistan Subscriber access only
President honors the faith of an optometrist who "set out to heal the poorest of the poor."
Do Egypt's Evangelicals Get Along with the Coptic Orthodox? Subscriber access only
More than they used to, say observers and insiders.
Egyptian Christians Reflect on Moment in History Subscriber access only
Born and baptized in blood, the Church in Egypt is hardly a newcomer to hardship, notes Egypt's Anglican bishop.
Undercover Videos Embarrass Planned Parenthood Subscriber access only
Pro-life group "Live Action" says the videos reveal "Planned Parenthood's cover-up of childhood sex trafficking."
Hawaiian Senate Ends Daily Prayers Subscriber access only
A unanimous voice vote spikes potential challenge over "decidedly Christian" invocations.
Churches Respond to Massive Australia Flooding Subscriber access only
Queensland looks toward cleanup.
Sudanese Christians in America Pray, Vote Subscriber access only
"We have been waiting for this event, for this time, for a very long time," Pastor says.
Southern Sudanese Head to Polls Subscriber access only
Vote may lead to freedom from repressive government in Khartoum.
Christ of the Klingons Subscriber access only
A physicist and a philosopher envision God's design in the beautiful equations of string theory.