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New Reformation
Chris Wright makes a serious call to global evangelicalism
Suffering in Sudan
Church leaders ask for prayer and advocacy
Seated Next to You
The best learning possibilities at Cape Town 2010
Who Got Invited to Cape Town and Why
Cape Town 2010 claims to represent the global evangelical church. How did they do it?
Servant Evangelism
How Luis Palau, thousands of volunteers, and a gay mayor are trying to transform Portland.
BOOKS: The Post-closet Era
How should Christians respond to homosexuals' public presence?
Legacy of a Global Leader
Less known than Stott's earlier work is his ministry with Langham Partnership International.
Finding God in Small Groups
An interview with Tom Albin about the success of the Wesleys.
Good Morning, Evangelicals!
Meet Ted Haggard the NAE's optimistic champion of ecumenical evangelism and free-market faith.
The Pentecostal Gold Standard
After 50 years in ministry, Jack Hayford continues to confound stereotypes—all to the good.
The Colossus of Care
World Vision has become an international force—and a partner with the poor.
Imperfect Instrument
World Vision's founder led a tragic and inspiring life.
The Church—Why Bother?
There is no healthy relationship with Jesus without a relationship to the church.
Can This Institution Be Saved?
A curious alliance of helping professionals is working to rebuild marriage in a culture of divorce.
Where Stormie Finds Her Power
Stormie Omartian is a bestselling author precisely because she doesn't have a picture-perfect life
The Immense Commission
Most postal areas still don't have any Christian workers living in them.
A Heaven-made Activist
Joni Eareckson Tada is driven forward by hymns of praise and her sovereign God.
The Shockingly Ordinary Purpose-Driven Life of Rick Warren
How a Krispy Kreme-loving, Hawaiian shirt-wearing Baptist preacher is changing the way Christians think.
A Fire You Can't Put Out
Remembering Martin Luther King, Jr., we should also honor Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, King's contemporary and in many ways his opposite.
The First Black Liberation Movement
The untold story of the freed slaves who brought Christ—and liberty—to West Africa. An interview with Lamin Sanneh.