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Image: Illustration by Matt Chinworth

The Biggest Jesus Campaign Ever

A new campaign invites people to know the authentic, loving Jesus.

The Biggest Jesus Campaign Ever

A new campaign invites people to know the authentic, loving Jesus.

Shortly before his crucifixion, Jesus Christ served his followers by washing their feet and encouraging them to love one another. Knowing his days on earth were numbered, Jesus entrusted his ministry to these men and women, and the message was simple: love each other, so that the world can know me.

Where is this Jesus in our world today—the one who serves and loves and trusts others to do the same? Unfortunately, Jesus’s messages of love, grace, and peace are becoming more difficult to hear amidst the noise of a culture that is increasingly individualistic and divided. Moreover, Christianity in America has been getting a lot of negative press, and by association, Jesus has, too. Or worse, Jesus has been relegated to a list of ancient historical figures as younger generations are finding him less relevant to their everyday lives.

But what would happen if people were given opportunities to meet Jesus—through his teachings and his followers?

This year, there’s a growing opportunity to help people meet the radical Jesus of the Bible—the one who loves the unlovable and understands human frailties because he experienced them, too. Simply put: He gets us.

Why Now?

He Gets Us is a new campaign out of the Servant Foundation that invites people to know the authentic, loving Jesus who is still speaking to us today.

The research shows that people respond to the person of Jesus. The initial test phase of the campaign, run over 10-weeks in 10-markets, generated 32 million YouTube views, 565,000 social media engagements, 400,000 website users, and 18,000 multi-platform engagements. Now that the campaign has launched nationwide, these numbers are increasing every minute.

Launched in mid-March, the He Gets Us campaign includes innovative, exciting media that illuminates the real Jesus of the Bible in evocative and sometimes intentionally challenging ways. The He Gets Us team is already working with Gloo, Christianity Today, ​​Luis Palau Association, Alpha, OneHope, the Wheaton College Billy Graham Center, and many more to prepare local churches for an influx of interest. They want to engage the entire Christian ecosystem—across denominations and throughout church-adjacent ministries and nonprofits and they’ve created a partner site to help leaders get involved.

Christ’s call to love doesn’t need to be complicated. Instead, He Gets Us aims to lead with grace, to make space for conversation, and to guide people to the authentic Jesus of the Bible.

Be ready with answers when those who are exploring, challenging, and questioning faith head your way–check out HeGetsUsPartner.com.