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How Pastors Can Use Jesus' Story to Connect with Their Congregations

A conversation guide from He Gets Us

How Pastors Can Use Jesus' Story to Connect with Their Congregations

A conversation guide from He Gets Us

Jesus breaks down barriers, and only by embracing this truth can pastors and church leaders create connections and inspire growth. With this free conversation guide from He Gets Us, your church can simplify complexities, guide cross-cultural dialogue, and encourage service.

When fully understood, this guide will shape your community outreach and congregational care– if you let it.

In contemplating the life and teachings of Jesus, we find a compelling narrative. He was a man who possessed unparalleled earning potential in the eyes of the world. A talented orator with a devoted following, his name resounded far and wide.

Yet, it is crucial to recognize that Jesus' beginnings were humble and unassuming. Born in a manger, raised in the trade of carpentry, he lived in a seemingly insignificant town. From the outset, Jesus faced challenges.

However, it was precisely in this disadvantage that his message found resonance. Departing from his home and livelihood, Jesus embarked on a path of radical teaching. Love, forgiveness, and hope formed the core of his mission. He traveled with little more than the clothes on his back, extending an open invitation to all, regardless of their past or status. This profound hospitality drew people in.

Consider the transformation of Simon, the zealous extremist, and Matthew, the despised tax collector. These two seemingly irreconcilable individuals found reconciliation in the presence of Jesus. He exemplified an upside-down attitude, exalting the value of every soul above society's worldly pursuits. Jesus believed that selfless love held the key to a joy that surpassed the allure of material possessions.

His teachings resonated deeply, spreading quickly among his vast following. Enticed by power and riches, his followers sought to make him their ruler, but Jesus refused, choosing instead to remain steadfast in his divine mission.

Throughout his life, Jesus exemplified sacrificial love, and his final days bore witness to the ultimate act of selflessness. Mocked as a king, he bore a crown of thorns, a symbol of his unwavering dedication. Jesus lived a life of immeasurable wealth because he loved the world enough to give himself for it.

As pastors, we strive to convey the message that Jesus taught: that there exists no greater love than that which sacrifices for others. As we engage in conversations about Jesus, let us guide others to discover the potential of this love—an eternal wealth that transcends worldly boundaries.

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