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Planting Seeds and Watching them Grow

An interview with Dr. Richard C. Halverson

Dick Halverson has been pastor of Fourth Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. for twentyone years. He says ministry means being with people, and he spends a large percentage of his breakfasts and lunches meeting with parishioners singly or in small groups. He preaches love and acceptance of all God's brothers and sisters, and he demonstrates genuine caring for his peers despite their differing methods. He teaches that church programs must be unique to each church, and he has labored hard to tailor his efforts to meet the needs of Fourth Church.

When we decided to do an issue of LEADERSHIP on the theme of pastoral care and counseling, we started looking for a man who personified the meaning of pastoral care. Dick Halverson immediately came to mind. We looked no further.

Editor Paul Robbins, publisher Harold Myra, executive editor Terry Muck, and assistant editor Dan Pawley met with Dick at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

Dr. Halverson, almost any observer would say you're a successful pastor ...

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