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Last January, shortly after Nelson Rockefeller died, I read an article about his career written by David Broder. He is a reporter for the Washington Post. and a man highly regarded for his knowledge of politics and politicians.

I was astonished when I read the article, for it was not what I expected at all. The headline read: "A Sense of Incompleteness." and the story said that Nelson Rockefeller's career was incomplete and frustrated.

Can you imagine that'? Here's a man who was heir to one of the greatest fortunes in the country who rose to become governor of New York and then to become vice president. And the story said Rockefeller was frustrated.

I didn't believe it. I have a friend in Washington who is also a reporter, and who wrote about Rockefeller when he was governor of New York, and then covered his activities in Washington while he was vice president.

I took the David Broder article and showed it to her. I asked her if it was true. She thought for a long minute, and she answered ...

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