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Preventive Financial Counseling

Too many people don't know how to handle money. I remember a survey that asked this question: "How much more income would you need to be comfortable?" The across-the-board answer was 20 percent.

Most of us feel we have a need for more. A pastor should be sensitive to this, whether counseling an engaged couple or an established family about to relocate. Since financial counseling TV a p pastor should be preventive, I've used six principles to help people stay free from the bondage of indebtedness.

1. Learn contentment. God isn't against having things Paul told Timothy that God made all things for us to enjoy. The problem is that until we're content with what we have, we won't properly enjoy new things.

2. Learn to fight extravagance. I enjoy a meal in a restaurant, but try not to overdo it. A new couple came to our church, and my wife and I took them to lunch one day. We had clipped some two-forone coupons from the newspaper, so we asked the couple, "Would you mind if we use these coupons ...

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