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Conflict Ministry in the Church

by Larry McSwain and William C. Treadwell, Jr. Broadman Press, $6.95

Reviewed by Ray Wm. Smith, pastor Grace Presbyterian Church San Antonio, Tex.

Holy Week, the endurance test from Palm Sunday until Easter, had finally passed. As it does for church leaders everywhere, the next day offered fatigue, let-down, and reflection. Fortunately for me, I picked up this book and read on the jacket: "This is a book to be read on those 'dark' Mondays when you feel like changing churches, resigning your Sunday school class, or leaving the pastoral ministry. We have written this guide to help you analyze the conflicts, disagreements, and tensions which arise in all churches. We will offer only one rule to you, our reader, 'Never resign on Monday!' Read this book instead."

We need to be aware of resources that will help us as church leaders in resolving conflict. The authors suggest using productive forms of conflict management, diffusing problems with clear explanations and ...

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