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A Message from the Publisher: July 01, 1981

The journal you hold in your hands recently was given an honor unusual for a periodical in its first year. On May 22, the Evangelical Press Association named it Periodical of the Year. Members of the journalism faculty at the University of Mississippi, judges of the competition, commented, "The Magazine of the Year has a short publishing record, but it has had amazing success. Clearly, it has filled a need in the church market as an uncommonly purposeful, well-edited journal. LEADERSHIP's articles illuminate what must be normal church problems, and they propose sensible answers with a minimum of preachiness. The writing is commendably concrete." LEADERSHIP was consistently rated "excellent" in every category. Judges' comments included: "Crisp, focused advice . . . a lively interview . . . vivid . . . original idea, well executed . . . appealing."

Philip Yancey, a member of the EPA board, wrote in his congratulatory letter to Terry Muck, "It's by far the earliest any magazine has gotten ...

From Issue:Summer 1981: Preaching & Worship
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