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Stanley Long shares five books that are helping him in ministry.

"I read in airports-waiting for appointments-before I go to bed. Sometimes I'll thumb through a book, and if it grabs me, I'll run with it."

Last year I read Jim Conway's Men In Midlife Crisis (David C. Cook). Experiencing some very painful midlife problems myself, it seemed as though Conway were speaking directly to me. At the same time, I began to recognize how extensively a midlife crisis affects both Christian and nonChristian men. The workaholic, the affair, the marriage knot, the fading and dying dream-are presented in a fashion that obligates the reader to see fragments of his own experiences scattered throughout Conway's thoughts. He tells how midlife personality changes of a husband can devastate the wife. She has looked to him for leadership, and suddenly he is unable to function as the leader. He wants to lead, yet he feels he must turn to her for security. In Conway's words, "He is like a sailboat caught in a deep fog offshore, without a compass and without wind to move him ...

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