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Letter from an Ex-Volunteer

How one layman lost his enthusiasm for church work.

Dear Pastor Potter:

They're showing "A Bridge Too Far'' on Channel 3 tonight. I love that film. I've seen it five times, and I still cheer when Robert Redford stands up in the boat crossing the river, like Washington crossing the Delaware.

The bass fishermen are meeting tonight, too, at the VFW Hall. Lenny Hekhuis is showing slides of his float trip down the Shenandoah last fall, and I was going to go, but I stuck with Robert Redford.

You and some others are down in Finney Hall in the church basement stuffing 20,000 flyers and invitations into 20,000 envelopes for the Madison County Deeper Life Campaign at the fairground. I guess I should be there. You asked for volunteers last Sunday, and I had my hand halfway up when you announced hymn number 263, "Work, for the Night Is Coming."

As you've probably guessed, I'm feeling a little bad about that and about not getting to choir practice and dropping off the planning committee and canceling the literature distribution training session scheduled ...

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