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Women Volunteers

Practical strategies for easing a major transition

For twenty-five years Betty Pitra has been a competent career woman. Now she is semiretired and works only when she chooses. Unfortunately, that work doesn't include volunteer work at the church.

"I come only on Sunday morning for the worship service," she says. "When I was younger and my children were small, I took my turn in the nursery, taught Sunday school, and helped with some of the office work. But as my career progressed, I wanted to do more than teach Sunday school. In my profession I'd been given responsibility to get things done and make decisions, but at my church that doesn't seem possible."

How can the church provide the kind of environment where middle-aged women like Betty can grow spiritually, personally, and professionally, contributing to the body of Christ in the process? Church leaders can be aware of four things in utilizing this valuable source of volunteer help.

Match jobs with interests, skills, and abilities.

Richard Detrich is pastor of Faith Community Church in ...

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