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Influencing Others to Pray

The influences that led one man to a deeper devotional life.

How does a church leader convince others that developing a consistent prayer life is important? Em Griffin suggests three methods of influence that were important in his life. The material in this article is an adaptation of a chapter from his book on leadership to be published next year by InterVarsity Press.

We met the train at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon. I went in my official capacity as president of MCF—the University of Michigan chapter of Inter-Varsity. Joyce, our vice-president, was with me. We'd received word that our new IVCF field rep would visit our group that night. We'd been told to pick her up at the Ann Arbor train station and spend time with her until the meeting. To say we were apprehensive is putting too heavy a cast on the situation. But our exec board was used to flying solo. We hadn't seen a staff person for six months, and we weren't sure exactly what it was we were supposed to do with "our leader" until seven o'clock. It turned out that our vague unease was ...

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