Missionary mail that ministers

To a missionary, mail is one of life's treasures. If you were ever in the military and remember standing in the rain for mail call, you know what a letter from home can mean. It's the same with missionaries. Mail can minister-if it's thoughtfully sent. In the seven years our family has been in Kenya, some things have passed through our mailbox that meant much to us.

Reading Material: What magazines do you read? Would a missionary enjoy those magazines also? From time to time a fellow in the States air-mails me the latest issue of Sports Illustrated. Because air-mail postage is so expensive, he can't do it often, but it's a nice gesture when he does. It makes us feel like someone cares.

How about comic books for the kids, Good Housekeeping for the wife? Do you enjoy a subscription to LEADERSHIP? Do you think a missionary would? Would a missionary's wife enjoy a subscription to Today's Christian Woman or Partnership? Would the kids enjoy receiving Campus Life? What are their hobbies? Maybe ...

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