Church Politics

The sensitive issue of church politics applies to every person in church leadership. The following resources are helpful in addressing the matters of conflict resolution, clergy/lay relationships, and other items that cause problems in the church.

Adams, Arthur M. Effective Leadership for Today's Church. Philadelphia: Westminster, 1978. An excellent general resource on church politics. Discusses issues such as involving others in ministry, authority, and effectively running meetings.

Asquith, Glenn H. Church Officers at Work. Valley Forge: Judson, 1951. A classical work on the functions of church officers at all levels. Helpful in creating job descriptions.

Barnett, James M. The Diaconate. New York: Seabury, 1981. A study of the need to renew the role of the deacon.

Campbell, David. If I'm in Charge Here, Why Is Everybody Laughing? Niles, Illinois: Argus, 1980. Excellent! Helps identify the frustrations and pressures of leadership with instruction on negotiating and overcoming opposition.

Campolo, ...

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