The Unfinished Pastor

I find that continuing education provokes controversy in some quarters. Some congregations wonder why we pastors need it, and some of us fail to use it productively. Still, the same church member who disapproves of our two weeks "away at some institution" would not accept a physician who uses the cancer cures he learned in medical school in the fifties.

The treasurer who questions writing the check for the pastor's journal subscription would never do business with a banker unaware of interest-bearing checking accounts.

The parent who misses the youth director "off playing around at some youth workers' convention" would not want a physics teacher for her daughter who never felt the need to study after getting his degree from old A&T in '43.

In this changing world, practitioners of any sort must have continuing education. That includes us pastors.

Types of necessary education

Many of us need remedial education. As surprising as it is to some lay people (and as obvious as it is to others!), we ...

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