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These resources help church leaders understand the roles and expectations that accompany their positions. (* identifies resources not listed in Books in Print.)

Bailey, Robert W. Coping with Stress in the Minister's Home. Nashville: Broadman, 1979.* Identifies stresses produced by the pastoral role/image.

Baxter, Richard. The Reformed Pastor. London: Banner of Truth, 1974. Puritan classic on pastoral roles.

Brister, C. W., James L. Cooper, and J. David Fite. Beginning Your Ministry. Nashville: Abingdon, 1981. The expectations, adjustments, and tensions involved in starting out.

Campbell, David. If I'm in Charge Here, Why Is Everybody Laughing? Niles, Ill.: Argus, 1980. Good instruction on negotiation for pastors who feel responsible for church leadership yet powerless to execute authority.

Campolo, Anthony. The Success Fantasy. Wheaton, Ill.: Victor, 1980. Understanding the self-inflicted expectations to be successful by our culture's definition.

Dayton, Edward R., and Ted W. Engstrom. Strategy ...

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