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Ronald Allen has spent the last decade and a half preparing worship leaders at Western Conservative Baptist Seminary in Portland, Oregon. LEADERSHIP asked him to list his favorite books for architects of worship.

Up With Worship by Anne Ortlund (Gospel Light).

Begin here. This little book sets us on the path toward the high and holy task of the worship of God. Though my copy is dog-eared and heavily marked, its contents are still fresh. Anne Ortlund presents basic notions of worship in small, tasty morsels. She describes worship as admiring God. Her motive for worship is rightly in italics: Lord, this church service is for You. I'm here to give You pleasure.

In His Presence: Appreciating Your Worship Tradition by Robert N. Schaper (Nelson).

For those with curiosity about worship during the "slight gap" from Acts to the Pilgrims, Schaper is a pleasant guide. Although he evidences a strong interest in the history of liturgy and sacramental thought, he treats other traditions with warmth and ...

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