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We all at times strain to see the light at the end of a tunnel. We feel that surely, past these particular circumstances, we'll exit into new realities. The New Yorker cartoon on this page therefore struck a chord even as it caused me to laugh. New Jersey? The long-anticipated, fought-for, longed-for light is, of all things, New Jersey?

It wasn't the cartoonist's Manhattan viewpoint that struck me. My mind supplied its own assorted impressions-from Garden State license plates and lovely hills to Camden, where I was born, spent ten good years, and later in adulthood saw its urban decay.

New Jersey or New Glarus, the cartoon has universal resonance. Our hard work and planning may result in "progress," but the new place we find ourselves-perhaps an expanded or more "significant" ministry-has its own problems. Dorothy Sayers speaks of there not truly being "solutions" to problems, only new realities.

The figure in the cartoon is walking away from "New Jersey." Where will he go? We have choices, ...

From Issue:Spring 1986: Worship
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