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"I've simply got too much material," Phil told me. "There is no way I can preach it all in one Sunday. You'll have to give me at least two!"

"You have the preaching bug," I laughed, "and you have it bad!"

"This is great," he went on. "This must be just like Chuck Swindoll does it. I've always wanted to be able to present the Word of God that way."

Phil is a maintenance man in a local hospital. Like the majority of people in my former church, he is a blue-collar worker. But he was preparing the sermon for a coming Sunday service.

I suppose I was as surprised as anyone.

Do-it-yourself study

Three years ago at my former church, Mt. Morris (Michigan) Community Church, some lay people urged me to start an early morning Bible study. Since some of them were autoworkers, early meant 4 A.M.!

We began our study with Philippians, and I taught them the system of Bible study I use in my devotional time, which involves writing out the text and diagramming it. I also taught them ...

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