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David Seamands, professor of pastoral ministry at Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, was for sixteen years a missionary in India, and for more than twenty years a pastor. His own books include Healing for Damaged Emotions and Healing of Memories. He recommends these favorite titles on emotions:

Your Inner Child of the Past (Simon and Schuster)

by H. S. Missildine

I'll begin with the bottom line-self-awareness, discovering what makes us feel and act the way we do. Although not directly Christian, this classic for two decades has helped Christians become aware of the "childish things" that hold them back from Christian maturity. It reviews the family situations that shape our emotional reactions. Chapters are devoted to the causes of common emotional problems plaguing Christian workers: overanxiety, guilt, irrational anger, unreasonable expectations, and procrastination, that most troublesome one.

Mere insight of itself will neither bring about healing nor change feelings or ...

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