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Can the same person be tender shepherd and tough supervisor?

Although I'll use the pronoun, not all secretaries are she; I know, because twice I have served as one.

I have also been on the other side of the boss-secretary equation, ministering alongside the senior pastor in a large congregation. Presently I manage a full range of associates at Seattle Pacific University.

So I know what it is like to be handed work, and to assign it; I have been pastored by my boss, and I have cared for my associates. Seeing office life from both sides, I realize good relationships don't come easily.

It is particularly challenging to work on a church staff-in any capacity. The work itself may not make the job difficult; answering phones or sending correspondence or doing custodial work is really no different in a church setting than it is (or at least should be) in the business world. It's the nature of the boss that may create difficulties, for the workers' boss is also their pastor. The one who proclaims God's Word to them and serves them Communion also monitors their ...

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