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Recently, the CTi Board of Directors met for the first of two 1988 meetings. These leaders, about half of them pastors, flew to Chicago to review the publishing operation, evaluate the previous year's activities, dissect the finances, and consider management's plan for the new year. It is the time when the board tests the integrity of the organization, and the staff accounts for six months of work.

Like many of you, I play two roles. As a board member/corporate of officer, I am charged with preserving the integrity of the organization's purpose, processes, and products. As a staff member, I am "on the point" to give a full accounting.

The words integrity and accountability have been heard a great deal lately, given the media's obsession with the presidential campaign and the TV preacher scandals. Thus, while preparing for the board meeting, I found myself thinking about these issues.

Someone has said that if integrity is the foundation upon which any worthy enterprise rests, then accountability ...

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