Beyond fear and disgust lies hope.

We'd like you to meet some of our friends. Don is a rising young attorney whose future holds great potential. He has a beautiful wife, Toni, three lovely children, a large home, and important social standing in the church and community. Yet despite these outward signs of success and a solid emotional and sexual relationship with Toni, two or three times a week Don compulsively visits porno shops and prostitutes.

Claire is a high-priced call girl. Like most prostitutes, Claire hates sex. But desperate for male affection, she attempts to prove her self-worth time after time by selling "love" to any man who will pay the price.

Jan is a 35-year-old church musician who grew up in a devout home. He attended a small Christian college and went on to seminary. Married with two children, Jan has been involved in homosexual activities since a professor seduced him in college. He came to us after being picked up for sexual imposition in the rest room of a department store.

These three are composites ...

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