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Matchmaker, Matchmaker

The Complete Search Committee Guidebook by Robert W. Dingman, Regal, $6.95

Reviewed by Heidi A. Hasted, associate pastor, Bidwell Memorial Presbyterian Church, Chico, California

Perhaps you're about to call a new person on staff. How do you help the Christian organization you lead call a qualified person? Or maybe you're a pastor who has received a new call and has just notified the board of your decision to leave. How can you help the congregation you are about to leave prepare for their future?

You form a search committee and let them search, which is easier said than done, as search-committee members and candidates agree. Whether you've labored diligently on an overwhelmed and under appreciated search committee or endured an interview conducted by a search committee confused about its task, take heart.

Combining a wealth of personal experience as a committed churchperson with over thirty years' experience as a professional search consultant and head of his own executive ...

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