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A column of current statistics selected especially for Christian communicators

Percentage of teenagers who say they throw pennies they receive into the garbage: 13

Percentage of American women who say that if they could afford it, they would rather stay at home with their children: 88

Percentage of couples getting married between 1970 and 1985 who had lived together first: 40

Amount that Americans gambled legally in 1988: $208 billion

Gross national product of Austria for 1988: $109 billion

Percentage of Americans who abstain from the use of alcohol: 35

Percentage of Americans who would remarry their spouse if they had it to do over again: 85

Federal prison inmates in America, in 1978: 277,473

In 1988: 577,474

For every dollar budgeted in 1970, the amount you must budget in 1989, simply to stay even with inflation: $3.23

Percentage of young adults who say they were forced to have sexual intercourse at least once before age 20: 7

Number of Bibles in the average American home: 4

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