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This issue celebrates ten years of LEADERSHIP Journal. During those years, we've never run a letters column-mostly because readers' insights are found all through the journal. But we do get letters.

My assignment on this page-to highlight the journal's impact over ten years-might best begin by looking at themes in those letters.

"Uncanny" timeliness. A young man "struggling to get off on the right foot" in his first pastorate wrote, "I had no sooner received the issue on 'Family Ministry' than the phone rang. A member's granddaughter was fuming from a marital conflict. Several articles helped me develop just the right approach. The granddaughter and spouse have been to church since and are prospects for further ministry."

Another wrote about an article on handling fallout from infidelity. "A year ago, I would have just breezed through it, but three days before it arrived, two women came to me about affairs-one had had one, and the other's husband was having one. Since both of these families ...

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