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How to make the divide-and-conquer approach work in a growing church.

We never planned it this way. We had no strategic plan to do seven church services each weekend. It just happened. But now the multi-congregational approach is an important part of who we are. Along the way, we learned a few things, some the hard way, about making it work.

Like many churches, we began to grow and ran out of space. So we started a second service. We continued to grow, and we ran out of space again. Instead of launching a construction project, we started yet another service.

On it went, until we reached seven weekend worship services: four on Sunday morning, one on Saturday night, and two on Sunday evening.

Is this the end? We don't know. As our church continues to grow, we may continue creating new congregations.

Many churches have more than one worship service. Except for the number, our approach wouldn't appear to be unique, except that (1) we have designed some services to appeal to some people but not others, and (2) in many ways we consider each service a fully functioning ...

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