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The following was purportedly found on the desk of a beleaguered associate pastor responsible for men's ministry.

Memo to: Self

Re: Quarterly evaluation of men's fellowship meetings-by topic, format, and time offered.

What worked:

Preferred topic-the rambling religious analogies from a former all-conference basketball player who played pro ball for two years in Italy.

Favorite format-twenty minutes of shootin' the breeze, followed by lots and lots of barbecued ribs.

Best time-Saturday morning at 7 A.M. A little early for ribs, but no one seemed to mind.

What didn't:

The topic-"The Gospel of John: Its Interrelationship with the Essene Community."

Format-ninety minutes of mime and interpretive dance, followed by sharing over a salad-bar lunch.

Time-5 P.M. on Super Bowl Sunday (though the guys wearing a Walkman didn't seem to mind).


Despite what we learned in seminary from Dr. Walker-Jones, our group may not be ready for a more introspective and artistic approach to Bible study. This would ...

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