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Reaching women means aiming at moving and multiple targets.

Like other aspects of church life, ministries among women have become more diverse in recent years. What's working? What are the obstacles? In this three-part special section, LEADERSHIP offers an overview of ministry options, focuses on one continuing challenge, and presents the story of one church that has revitalized its women's ministry.

"I thought planning women's programs would be easier," sighs the leader of women's ministries as she sits down in the pastor's office.

"What seems to be the problem?" he asks.

"Well, the women in our church are so different. There's Barb, who runs her own company. We designed an evening Bible study for her and some others, but since she is away from her family all day, she'd be more interested in attending a couples' Bible study with her husband.

"Then there is Mary, who is home with children all day, every day. She wants to get together with other mothers-anytime, anywhere, as long as she can get a break from her kids.

"Beth has a part-time, home-based ...

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