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"A few basic rules of thumb about life seem to keep cropping up again and again, shaping my ministry," writes pastor Gary K. Odle. He offers this collection of pastoral wit and wisdom to help people find peace in the ministry. "It's certainly no replacement for Scripture," he advises, "but it's not bad, either."

There is a God. You're not him.

Everybody thinks his duck is a swan.

Ask most people for advice on knowing God's will for your life, and they will tell you God's will for their life with your name on it.

Not everything you try to do will succeed-nor should it.

No one can make you do anything. Your choices are your own.

Standard of living is not the same as quality of life.

Sometimes we just have to make it up as we go along. When those we respect do it, we call it "creativity" and "being on the cutting edge." When we do it, we're tempted to think we're "faking it" and condemn ourselves for not knowing enough.

Sometimes the best thing to do is cry. It does wonders to purge the soul and ...

From Issue:Winter 1991: Men & Women
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