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A column of current statistics selected especially for Christian communicators

Average number of years in one job, for barbers: 25

Elementary school teachers: 13

Accountants: 8

Pastors: 7

Waiters/Waitresses: 4

Percentage of Americans who believe the church has influenced society in a positive way: 85

Percentage who believe computers and technology have: 87

Number of products in today's typical supermarket: 30,000

In 1976: 9,000

Items in today's average produce section: 285

In 1975: 65

Number of mutual funds currently operating: 3,347

In 1980: 564

On average, number of TV channels available to today's household: 30

In 1975: 6

During the past decade, number of periodicals formed daily: 1

Number of religious denominations currently being formed weekly: 1

Percentage of men who have felt in touch with someone who was dead: 21

Percentage of women: 24

Percentage of U.S. population that is a member of a Christian church: 54.8

In 1970: 60.0

Increase in number of churches since 1950: 50,500

U.S. 1991 state and federal ...

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