Six ways to remember your value.

Six ways to remember your value.

"What a poor excuse for a pastor you are!"

His unexpected words found an unprotected gap in my armor. I swallowed hard to drain the tears before they reached my eyes. My face blushed. I felt humiliated in front of the other leaders of the church.

Merle, the secretary of the church board, had taken advantage of our monthly meeting to unpack his emotional baggage.

"You haven't visited my daughter in the hospital. You haven't shown sufficient gratitude to my wife for her work on the women's commission. And I'm sick and tired of it!"

I hadn't known Merle's grown daughter (who didn't attend our church) was in the hospital. I had not expressed thanks to his wife because I hadn't appreciated her attempts to undermine an effective program.

My history with Merle made his attack even more painful. Shortly after we moved to town, he let us use the family condo at Lake Tahoe, where I spent a week of writing and reflection. He donated equipment for my office. He frequently ...

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