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Wide Awake

What's up . . . Talk with almost any group of pastors, enter any bookstore, and you find the topic is prayer or revival or angels or spirituality. People are streaming to national prayer alerts, prayer days, prayer summits, concerts of prayer. "Newsweek" and "Life" have devoted cover stories to prayer. "Books in Print" now lists three times as many titles on how to achieve spiritual growth as on how to achieve sexual intimacy.

In short, many people seem to be stirring from a spiritual hibernation, or longing for that. In the midst of such rustling, what signs indicate true awakening? What part do pastors play? How can we encourage prayer and spiritual alertness in ourselves and our people?

To answer those questions, Leadership talked with two respected leaders.

Jack Hayford is senior pastor of The Church on the Way in Van Nuys, California. He has written several books, including "Prayer Is Invading the Impossible" (Ballantine, 1983) and composed many songs and hymns, including the widely ...

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