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What Is Vision, Anyway?

It's not always easy to describe.

Vision is essential to ministry, but it's intangible. How can we understand it? How can we describe it to others?

To help, LEADERSHIP collected quotations that try to describe this mysterious thing we call vision.

Vision is the art of seeing things invisible.

- Jonathan Swift


A vision is the dominant factor that governs your life.
It determines all the choices you are making.
It's what's left after all the layers are peeled away like an onion.
Clinging like glue to the inside of your rib cage …
It's what your mind naturally gravitates toward when it is not legitimately
concentrating on something else.
It's … what determines your friendships and your relationships that you are
cultivating. …
It's what your prayers are about--what you dream about and are giving money

- Phil Grant


Vision is merely hope with a blueprint.

- Anonymous


Your purpose … has nothing to do with grandiose ...
From Issue:Summer 1994: Vision
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