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Yesterday I sat with five pastors around a table, listening to their thoughts about LEADERSHIP.

They told me what they liked (its honesty, the cartoons, its practicality, the cartoons, the sermon illustrations, the cartoons, the interviews with leaders they respect, the cartoons!).

I asked what they wanted to see more of in the journal ("More articles by my favorite writer, Name Withheld," said one wag) and what they wanted less of (advertising, except "be sure you keep the ads on the back side of 'To Illustrate,' so I can tear those pages out without ruining something else").

But perhaps the most significant discussion took place after I asked, "How has your attitude toward ministry changed over the course of your various pastorates?"

The group was silent for an uncomfortable moment. Then one pastor said, "It's getting harder and harder to stand up in front of my congregation, doing the best job I can to present the transforming power of the gospel and point them to Christ, and to see them ...

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From Issue:Winter 1994: Preaching
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